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Your Support Matters

There are  many great non-profits that need support.        

   Why consider supporting a professional non-profit theatre company?   

    Here’s why.

-  You will impact many lives! Lives on and off stage, students and 
    teaching artists, nuclear and multi-generational families. 

You will introduce thousands of children and families to 
    imaginative theatre, many for their first time.

Your support demonstrates that our programs are relevant and help to 
   improve your community’s quality of life

-   Your support will ensure our returning each season.          
     This is so important that we’ll put your name up in lights
     (Actually printed in our program for gifts over $50).

Please perform a leading role and
Or via mail to our offices:  
70 Pine Street, New Canaan  CT. 06840

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STONC. The Summer Theatre of New Canaan is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit professional regional theatre company.